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Fri Jun 9 10:41 am  #1

MyFm Granted Yet Another License

It was a good day for Jon Pole’s MyFM. The company has been awarded yet another small town Ontario license – this time in a place where it already operates a station.
The CRTC has given the green light for a classic hits station in Simcoe, which will be at 99.7, with a power just under 10K. MyFM already has an AC format in CHCD at 98.9.
Durham Radio, which owns a station in nearby Haldimand County, tried to stop it, arguing the newcomer would eat into its already limited advertising base. But when MyFm insisted they had no intention of targeting companies in that neck of the woods, the CRTC bought their argument.
The station is supposed to be up and running by June 2019, two years from now.
Which leads me to wonder: with all the stations MyFm now runs, how does Jon Pole find the time to do a five-night a week show on both CFRB and CJAD? You might think a guy that runs 21 outlets (with a 22nd one still being pondered by the CRTC) would have enough to do.

Don't get me wrong - I find the guy generally entertaining on air. I just can't figure out where he finds the time.

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Sat Jun 10 9:17 am  #2

Re: MyFm Granted Yet Another License

Some folks have fully charged batteries and self-organizational skills which exceed that of the common human.  But sooner or later... ... ...the health begins to pay up...with interest.

A bad idea to burn 'it' from both ends every time.
That said...I wish Jon ALL the best in his endeavors.  REAL radio still exists hopefully he'll be a part of it.  Corporate radio?  That's a different, carpet-bagging kind of ball game.

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