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Tue Jun 6 9:28 pm  #1

MY FM Milton is a go! But will it work?

I am curious if MY FM Milton, which got the go ahead on May 27th will it too close to major market for the local residents to care about a local station?

Personally, listening habits are hard to change and Milton is in a spot where they can tune into Hamilton, St. Catherines, Toronto and Buffalo...heck on a clear day you might even pull in WJR from Detroit...

So can one of Profit Magazines fastest growing companies pull it off in this market?

Comments and thoughts Big Yella!


Here is the note about the go ahead too...


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Tue Jun 6 10:04 pm  #2

Re: MY FM Milton is a go! But will it work?

I certainly CAN work.  I know sfa about the company...but a quick look suggests that they're flexible depending on what the marketplace needs from a formatting point of view.  Another boring top 30 offering the always gruesome " today's hits and an odd 'classic' or 2 mixed in with those gawd-forsaken re-currents which just won't go away" is likely not what'll 'make it' in Milton.

People want THEIR weather and THEIR traffic and like to hear themselves being talked about.  That said though...Milton really isn't a small market is it?  It's medium market and growing faster than that python 'you' smuggled home from March.

Well programmed and hosted by good talent...willing to get out and mingle full time in the community has a chance to at least get some numbers and turn a profit.  Try it with more of the same old shit though?  Buy snorkels.

Wanna win?  Ya gotta want it and work for it.

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Tue Jun 6 10:08 pm  #3

Re: MY FM Milton is a go! But will it work?

Actually, if you look a bit closer, you'll see that press release is from May 27th of 2015. They've had two years to get it on air and it's not up yet. The MyFM website says only that it's "coming soon." It just doesn't say when.

As for whether it will work, it's tough to say. Jon Pole's MyFms have been successful in a host of small Ontario towns. But none of them, maybe with the exception of Orangeville, are within the plethora of stations that emanate from Toronto. Ultra-local is perhaps their only way to get a piece of that market. It's what they specialize in, to some success.

But a newcomer making an impact in the GTA is no easy task. Just ask the folks at 105.9 The Region.




Wed Jun 7 8:09 am  #4

Re: MY FM Milton is a go! But will it work?

Funny you should ask about this station as I did just recently on the Canadian Radio News FB page. This was Jon Pole's reply:
"Should be soon. Milton is growing so fast, it's hard to get zoning issues approved. Fingers crossed, the tower will be complete in the next few weeks. The rest is easy
" [May 31/2017].
So keep an ear out for 101.3.

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Wed Jun 7 12:08 pm  #5

Re: MY FM Milton is a go! But will it work?

Not sure how "local" they really are. myFM stations tend to have only AM and PM drive as local originated. The rest of the schedule and weekends are centrally voiced and fed to the network with local IVT insert elements.