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Tue Apr 25 6:32 pm  #1

The Unknown Nobody Who Subbed For CBS Legend Walter Cronkite

Don't know how many here saw the CBS Evening News on Tuesday, but they ended with an absolutely wonderful kicker that went straight to my fascination with broadcast history.

The video is now online and the story of how a complete unknown backroom worker with thick horn rim glasses and almost no experience came to front the prestigious national 6:30 PM newscast for more than two weeks in place of the most trusted anchor in all of North America is a headline you wouldn't believe - if it hadn't actually happened. 

Fifty years later, "accidental anchor" reflects on filling in for Cronkite

I especially love the part at the end of the newscast where he takes off his glasses and puts them back into the case. Classic!

The New York Times also did an article on this back in 2006:

Goodbye and Good Luck: The Story Of Arnold Zenker

Arnold Zenker substituting for Uncle Walter On CBS