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Sat Mar 25 5:26 pm  #1

lucrative sales jobs?

I've been in radio since the 80s.  mostly programming and promotions until the mid 90s, when I tried to branch out into sales.  I heard I could earn more than the piddling $28 grand per year salary and instead sell for the station on commission for big bucks.  Even took the RMB's CRM course and got a spiffy lapel pin out of it.

Selling sucked.  Even with Herb Tarlek 30 years in the past, the image lingered.  For those that do it, and do it successfully, I have the utmost respect.... they still pay my salary.  But it wasn't for me.  Sure it didn't help that I got handed all the delinquent/dead accounts as a junior.  With juniors, the desperation is almost palpable.  I had better industry options, so ultimately chose that. 

Anyway, this article doesn't surprise me in the least...