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Fri Feb 24 10:10 am  #1

Changes At Edge 102.1

It comes via

"102.1 the Edge has announced a mitt full of changes, effective this coming Monday—Feb. 27. The new morning show is to be called Edge Mornings with Melani (Mariani) & Adam (Ricard). Mariani has been the Mel part of the (Fearless) Fred and Mel weekday mornings show and remains an early riser with the Corus FM.

Fearless will forthwith have his early mornings uninterrupted as his shift now runs 2-6pm, significantly improving his social life, and giving him time to walk the dog before work begins.

And “professional music geek” Alan Cross has his weekday show bumped from early afternoons to 6-7pm. His Ongoing History of New Music remains in its Sunday slot, between 6pm and 7.Oh, and there’s a new logo for the station that is less edgy and more Corus-like."

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