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Wed Feb 22 5:15 pm  #1

10 Resolutions For Radio Broadcasters In 2017

It’s a bit late for New Year’s but has a list from a radio consultant that may ring a bell with many who gather in the Big Yellow playpen – even if you don’t agree with all of them.

Here are a few:
4. Call BS on “there’s no good talent out there anymore”.  That’s complete nonsense and one of the ways to separate the lazy from the diligent. Talent did not go away with the all night shift, or suddenly now prefers to sell insurance over selling air time.  Great talent is still out there.  If you’re not interested in finding it, then that’s on you.
5. Accept that loyalty is very 1992.  The minute that it was okay for companies to terminate every employee for “reorganization”, it was over. Once owners stop being loyal to employees, it was every man for himself.  You should be a whole bunch of things – confidential, ethical, hardworking, but you no longer should feel indebted.
9. Stop pretending that it’s so terrible that people who have been in the business for a million years are let go.  Radio is a merger of art and business, and right now the pendulum has swung hard over to business. If you last 25+ years in radio (a youth powered industry), you have something special and that should be celebrated and recognized. Radio was NEVER a secure career. We all knew this once and had little problem with it.  How unbecoming and terribly convenient that we suddenly find it horrific.   
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