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Sun Nov 27 1:10 pm  #1

Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

The latest of the endless extensions for CKNT, the new Mississauga talk station at 960 AM, is close to ending - again -with nary any carrier in earshot as of this posting. They have until Wednesday to get some kind of signal on, even if it's just dead air or a test.

They originally got the licence back in 2011 and it's now been five years of transmitter issues and other problems keeping them from signing on. If they don't make it by Nov. 30th, I wonder if the CRTC will give them yet a second - no, make that a 20th - chance.

Perhaps your great-great grandchildren will hear this station. I'm beginning to think the rest of us won't be around by the time it finally gets its act together. 

Stay tuned to see if the static remains static or if they may actually have some kind of output soon. And in this case, it has to be very, very soon.


Sun Nov 27 7:15 pm  #2

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

The CRTC strikes again.  Issuing a license to these undeserving...1/8 milers.  There were people who LOST out to these rodent-eating arsewipists.  EVERYBODY lost.  No exceptions.  The CRTC and that Blais twit need to be replaced ENTIRELY.  They're collectively UselessPointlessWORTHLESS.

The less 'Cyber Space' knows about me the better.  As a result I do not use my real name.  I would be willing to use yours' though.  No?  OK then.  So you 'get' it.  We're good.

Tue Nov 29 8:37 am  #3

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

Still nothing on 960. Anyone live near the new transmitter site?


Wed Nov 30 10:39 am  #4

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

Well, the day for some sign of life on AM 960 is here. And so far, nothing.

The CRTC gave them until Nov. 30th to get a signal up and running. So far, no website, no carrier, no publicity. If you do a Google search for CKNT, you come up with almost nada, beyond a very badly dated Wikipedia page.  

It's worse than dead air.

We'll see what happens today, but I'm beginning to think the call letters - beyond the obvious unfortunate pronunciation some here can conjure up - may well stand for "Can't,"

As in:

-Can't get their signal up
-Can't sign on after 5 years (and counting)
-Can't meet a deadline and possibly
-Can't get yet another extension from the CRTC. 

That last one remains to be seen. But how many more chances can they give them?

My suggestion for a new slogan: "CKNT - The Little Station That Can't."

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Wed Nov 30 11:00 am  #5

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

Who covers the Mississauga Steelheads currently? 
I was under the impression that AM 960 was going to be their new home...


Wed Nov 30 11:42 am  #6

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

That would make sense. Elliott Kerr owns both the team and the new station. I hope the hockey franchise is better run than CKNT seems to be!

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Tue Sep 12 4:33 pm  #7

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

3rd time the charm did not work for Elliott Kerr to get CKNT up and running with his last approved transmitter site. He has applied again for a 4th site:
In this application he still plans to get his station up and running by the Nov. 30th deadline. Will he? Comments to the CRTC close Oct. 2nd. Best of Luck



Tue Sep 12 7:05 pm  #8

Re: Time Running Out - Again - On 960 AM

It seems like the people behind CKNT never fail to fail.

In a letter from June 23, Transport Canada noted that the place where they were going to put the TX (after literally years of changing the spot) was very close to Pearson Int’l. Airport. As it turns out, too close to runway 05.
“…There is a high risk that the broadcast signals of the antenna …would interfere with the navigational or communications systems and from aircraft to the runway given the close proximity of that antenna to the runway… As such, this interference would have significant repercussions on the safety of the aircraft and passengers…”
Gee, putting a large radio antenna near a runway. Who knew that would cause a problem? In a response issued on July 11, Hahn Broadcast Engineering claims to have been “surprised and disappointed” by the findings, noting the feds agreed to test fights to see if this was an issue.
Transport Canada answered that salvo a week later, saying that runway is essential and one in which “the majority of aircraft are dependent on their navigational systems to land safely.”
So it’s back to the drawing board again – and again and again – with the latest site listed at 6550 Danville Road in Mississauga. As noted, they claim once given permission, they can make the Nov. 30 deadline.

I guess we’ll see. But the real question is, will we hear?
I can say one thing for sure. If CKNT ever does get on air, its programming will never be as entertaining as this now six year old (and counting) story. 

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