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SOWNY » Radio Legend Coming To SiriusXM Starting Monday » Wed Aug 15 6:08 am

If I had SiriusXM, I would give this up and coming youngster a listen, alas, I'm old school and I only have terrestrial AM radio.

SOWNY » RIP Sandra Carusi » Tue Aug 14 7:42 am

The audio for tribute is available on the 640 website.

SOWNY » Morning Show out at 102.1 the Edge » Thu Aug 2 12:08 pm

Hi Facebook Friends,It’s never easy to say goodbye – especially to awesome people – but today was Melani and Adam‘s last day on 102.1 the Edge.Please join in thanking them for their hard work, the laughs, and their genuine dedication to you, the listeners. We wish Melani and Adam nothing but the best.A new morning show will be coming to the Edge - details to be announced soon.

SOWNY » Art Bell R.I.P. » Thu Aug 2 8:42 am

Dude was in a lot of pain

SOWNY » Live Danforth Shooting Coverage A Late Night Letdown » Mon Jul 23 6:13 am

Who turns to the radio when they want live, breaking news?

It's 2018, not 1937

SOWNY » Gord Martineau » Fri Jul 20 10:30 am

He's there for a good time, not a long time.


SOWNY » Changes coming to CFPL TV (CTV London) » Sat Jul 14 10:48 am

Reminds me of Trailer Park Boys, "now in high definition"

SOWNY » Is Jack Berkovits Gone From AM 640? » Thu Jul 12 4:35 am

I hope this isn't true.  Jack B knows what's up.

SOWNY » Paywall vs. Sponsored Access to Newspaper Content » Mon Jul 9 6:12 am

I enjoy the services the Toronto Public Library offers. 

SOWNY » Dog Days of Radio » Wed Jul 4 6:15 am

Fijiri knows what's up.

SOWNY » 680 News is funny » Tue Jul 3 6:28 am

I stopped listening after CFTR dropped their music format. 

SOWNY » Saturday's With Ted » Sat Jun 30 4:22 pm

Frank D'Angelo's company, D'Angelo Beverages, sells Pure Genius Coconut Water

SOWNY » Why Do Paid Time Radio Shows Pause For Commercials? » Fri Jun 29 1:43 pm

During The Being Frank Show, "commercials" are shown advertising other D'Angelo brand products. It's D'Angelo-ception 

SOWNY » Toronto Star Officially Launches "Stingy" Paywall » Fri Jun 29 10:24 am

I ain't payin' for nothin'.  I'll just wait until another media outlet picks up the story.  

SOWNY » Shoppers Drug mart music museum » Thu Jun 28 7:14 am

A museum dedicated to a franchised tourist trap.  How quaint. 

SOWNY » What do advertisers not understand about My Pillow?! » Thu Jun 28 6:42 am

I believe the real question that needs to be addressed is which is the best promo code to use when ordering a My Pillow? 

SOWNY » Should You Go to College To Learn The Radio Biz Or Just Work In It? » Mon Jun 25 6:26 pm

It would be nice to hear from someone who was hired in the radio field within the last decade.

In my profession, if someone walked in off the street and was enthusiastic but had 0 experience and 0 training, they would be booted out the door without a second thought.  

SOWNY » Should You Go to College To Learn The Radio Biz Or Just Work In It? » Mon Jun 25 9:31 am

Good luck getting hired without a degree, in any professional position, not just hallowed radio.

SOWNY » Gary Bell » Thu Jun 7 11:58 am

dwelsman wrote:

Is this a real story? Why isn't there anything else about Gary's passing outside of this forum?

Because it's an elaborate hoax.

SOWNY » Gary Bell » Tue Jun 5 7:20 am

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Bell a few years ago at Corus.  He was very friendly and outgoing to a complete stranger (myself) 

SOWNY » Gary Bell » Mon Jun 4 9:37 pm

Andy Burns and Victor Machado confirmed.

Sad sad sad.

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