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SOWNY » CBC Radio host Gill Deacon on life with long COVID » Today 3:31 pm

For at least a couple of years now, I've been living with a chronic neuro-immune illness that has symptoms similar to those of long COVID, and Gill is definitely experiencing much of what I, a former broadcaster currently freelancing/self-employed, go through on the daily. The struggle is very real, and there are better days and worse days symptom-wise, but I don't give in or give up.

I'm currently awaiting word on a potential long-term contract with one media company that operates in southern Ontario, and I'm hoping that this illness doesn't get in the way of this remote/WFH position. Below is a shot of my current workstation, with most of the equipment funded by a Starter Company Plus grant. And yes, that's a wheelchair at the desk... I use a power-assisted manual 'chair to help with my mobility outside the home.

Here's hoping that I can continue to work at least part-time from this little office/studio and not be held back by a chronic illness.

SOWNY » Rogers layoffs in Ottawa » November 28, 2023 12:48 pm

The transmitter site was razed over the weekend; an Algonquin College radio prof confirmed it on Facebook Saturday.

SOWNY » Toronto Santa Claus Parade This Sunday » November 23, 2023 12:13 pm

Still miss Global's coverage (also tape delayed) of the parade from the '80s and '90s, esp. with hosts like Faye Dance from the Wintario draws, or the late great Sandy Hoyt of CHFI at street level. Here's a look at the first few minutes of the 1989 show, with Dance and Hoyt, and also Global News' John Dawe.


SOWNY » Something Is Not Right With Stingray's Music Channel » November 21, 2023 4:38 am

Radiowiz wrote:

& Where are the Christmas music channels?? 

"Holiday Favourites" is ch. 342 on Cogeco... pulled it up Saturday while putting up our Christmas tree.  Not sure where it would be on Rogers, Eastlink etc.

SOWNY » Santa shows » November 15, 2023 5:53 am

Not sure about the GTA, but out here in eastern Ontario, the myFM stations in Pembroke and Renfrew have done "Letters To Santa" every year, usually with a local sponsor setting up a mailbox at their location, and some of the schools in the area have their students write letters to be read on the air. Santa is voiced by their hockey play-by-play guy, and his elf sidekick is someone using the "helium" effect in their audio editing software.

Also worth mentioning are the Santa-tracking NORAD reports Christmas Eve by Dan Mellon of Moose FM Kemptville and Algonquin College... these air on a bunch of stations, and he's been running these annually since his second stint at CFLY/CKLC Kingston in the mid to late 2000s.

SOWNY » The CBC's Catherine Tait: A Comedy Of Errors? » November 11, 2023 3:13 pm

BowmanvilleBob wrote:

"Mes amis, I am but a poor, humble man worth only $1.8 billion. I had to layoff staff to keep my stations on the air. It is all the fault of the dastardly CBC, which dares to produce shows that people actually enjoy watching. Mon dieu! Quelle horreur!"

En tabarnak de câlisse, osti!

SOWNY » It's The Semi-Annual "How To Fix The Wrong Time On SOWNY" Post! » November 6, 2023 9:52 am

Glen Warren wrote:


Does anybody really care?  Earworm of the day!

SOWNY » Why some think the CBC is shit » October 25, 2023 8:22 am

mic'em wrote:

This entire thread is shit. Lots of political forums, why don't you guys go to one. 

Hear hear!

SOWNY » How Would You Pronownse This? » October 7, 2023 11:10 pm

It's "PUTT-num", Maria, you friggin' Rogers dumbass. You did not pronounce the name correctly. You must really be as dumb and brainless as you sound. If you don't know how to correctly pronounce a name, don't guess, or worse, butcher the name on-air. How about you take the time to pick up the phone and CALL SOMEONE IN PUTNAM AND ASK THEM HOW TO CORRECTLY PRONOUNCE THE GODDAMN NAME!!!!!!

If I were your PD, I would have fired you on the spot for butchering the pronunciation of a name. People like you DO NOT deserve to be on the air.

SOWNY » Local Radio Stations That Don't Exist Anymore » October 7, 2023 9:39 am

One of my first stations straight out of college was Cornwall's CJUL 1220 "The Jewel", an AM 740-like standards/oldies station which used the former CJSS(AM) transmission facilities; the site was left intact after CJSS moved to 101.9 FM. What I did on CJUL was a bit minimal compared to the two FMs in the building, CJSS, and CFLG 104.5.

CJUL went dark in 2010, with CFLG and CJSS ramping up their local news coverage.

SOWNY » From the department of redundancy department » October 3, 2023 5:33 pm

...and they'd need to put in their PIN number...

SOWNY » Back In The Day When Colour TV Was Still New » September 29, 2023 3:38 pm

MJ Vancouver wrote:

On YouTube I’ve seen a mixture within the same program during that period, on both sides of the border. There’s a clip on YouTube of CKVR’s year in review from 1976, which itself was broadcast in colour, but some of the news film presented from that year was in black and white.

CHEX in Peterborough was also still shooting news footage on B&W film into the late 1970s, but unlike CKVR, which used 16mm colour film as late as 1984, CHEX's news department skipped colour film and went straight to 3/4" colour videotape. It was around '84 that 'VR adopted Sony's Betacam cameras and VTRs for ENG/EFP.

SOWNY » Back In The Day When Colour TV Was Still New » September 28, 2023 9:54 pm

Even local stations had their own colour intros... here's one example from Montreal's CTV outlet, CFCF 12.


SOWNY » CHLO 530 HD MIA? » September 25, 2023 10:30 pm

TheWiz wrote:

The big tower at 401 and 407 is AM 740. The signal is so strong that it interferes with 680 when driving nearby. Happens to me as well.

Also on that stick is CJBC 860, the CBC's French-language outlet, aka "Ici Radio-Canada Première".

SOWNY » K-LOVE 102.5 Toronto coming soon... » September 24, 2023 10:16 am

Forward Power
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mic'em wrote:

There has been a Christian based FM broadcasting out of Barrie for at least 15 years, likely more. They have a repeater in Owen Sound also if I recall correctly. In the early days of their tenure, they aired spoken word shows that also were on the Buffalo station, of which I don't remember the call letters, as well as music. I don't know if that is still the practice. 

The Barrie station would be Life 100.3 (CJLF), which launched in 1999 and also has rebroadcasters in Peterborough and Huntsville.

SOWNY » Car Radio Presets: Then And Now » September 22, 2023 10:28 pm

I don't drive, and I don't quite recall what the presets were on my wife's previous vehicles ('98 Chrysler Neon, '05 Dodge SX 2.0, '08 Ford Escape), other than Ottawa's Hot 89.9 being on the first preset, where it remains to this day on our '19 GMC Terrain. We don't use the AM side at all, as it's just CFRA (580), TSN 1200 and CityNews 1310, none of which interest us as forty-somethings. Current presets on the Terrain are:

FM1: Hot 89.9; Jump 106.9; Boom 99.7; Kiss 105.3; CHEZ 106
FM2 (when visiting family in the Belleville and Kingston areas): Mix 97 Belleville; Move 98.3 Kingston; 95.5 Hits FM Belleville; Rock 107 Trenton/Belleville; K-Rock 105.7 Kingston
FM3 (visiting Peterborough/Kawarthas): 100.5 Fresh Radio; Move 99.7; The Wolf 101.5; Bounce 91.9 Lindsay; 94.9 The Rock Oshawa

SOWNY » Ottawa Area Radio Stn. May Have To Shut Down For Lack Of Volunteers » September 21, 2023 3:21 pm

I had first heard of CHCR during my Grade 12 co-op placement at Peterborough's Trent Radio in 2000-2001, when that station's founding father, the late John K. Muir, was involved with the "Full Moon Over Killaloe" audio art camp. Last week, I went to Killaloe, the birthplace of the Beavertail, and began assisting CHCR with some technical and regulatory matters, and although they've had a number of people near and far step up programming-wise in response to the above-mentioned CJOH report and an article in the locally-owned Eganville Leader newspaper, the station needs funding more than anything. Occasional pancake breakfasts in the community have helped CHCR with its fairly low operating costs, but there are some capital things that will need to wait - additional microphones in the studio (the current console can handle as many as three), a dedicated OTA logging computer, and a new machine to run the OpenBroadcaster solution which will enable AlertReady emergency alerting on CHCR.

Station management have also considered a pitch to the Township of Killaloe, Hagarty & Richards, for the municipality to join forces with CHCR to disseminate local emergency information, and also assist with obtaining UPSs and a generator to keep the station on the air during extended power outages. While I was at the station, some good news came through on the phone - there is some serious interest from the nearby Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation at Golden Lake in partnering with CHCR. This would give the local Indigenous community a broadcast voice, and also potentially bring some much-needed funding to the station.

Still, the more funds that CHCR can raise, the better, and if you happen to have some funds and/or hardware (esp. computers and mics) that you could donate to the station, contact them via their website,, or send me a message.

SOWNY » Did The Rules About Prizes On Cdn. Made TV Game Shows Change? » September 12, 2023 10:17 am

Watching an episode of "Definition" on YouTube, I can only imagine what was going through Dave Devall's head when talking about prizes like "a beautiful seven-piece set of knives from the Henckels four-star collection... and from the Gold Leaf series, a gold-plated manicure set!"

SOWNY » How Does This Stuff Keep Happening On Air? » August 22, 2023 12:38 pm

During my time at Mix 97 in Belleville in the early 2000s, the news director at the time always messed up whenever U.S. defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld came up in his afternoon newscasts - the long-time ND pronounced it "Rums-Field". I was in the studio with Mix's then-afternoon host, the late Joey Martin, who heard the ND butcher Rumsfeld, and yelled off-air "IT'S RUMSFELD!!!"

SOWNY » Music Only For A Woman: The Birth Of Easy Listening » August 21, 2023 2:09 pm

Don't forget Barrie's CHAY 93.1... "Huronia's Welcome Sound".

SOWNY » What Does The RDS Info Say On The GTA Stations That Use It? » August 20, 2023 6:35 pm

RadioActive wrote:

102.1 CFNY: "Song title + artist." (On the morning I checked this out, there was a weird text that followed the record info. It read: “C27A + Sunday +08/20/23 +15151.” I have no idea what that last part is supposed to mean.

"C27A" might be the hexadecimal "PI" code for the call letters CFNY. I programmed RDS encoders for several stations, and each station had its own unique code, calculated using a special spreadsheet which, if I remember correctly, was provided by the Communications Research Centre.

SOWNY » Producer Seeks Viewers Who Watch TVO OTA - But Only Up North » August 17, 2023 7:40 pm

andysradio wrote:

I have a hard time anyone watches this repeater. It is a sparsely populated area.
How do you find this guy on YouTube?

Here's his YT channel...
...and a brief winter clip from the Global tower -

SOWNY » Producer Seeks Viewers Who Watch TVO OTA - But Only Up North » August 17, 2023 10:57 am

I often pass through this area on the way to and from places like Belleville, Napanee and Kingston, and the tower from which this TVO signal originates is right on Highway 41, at the top of a hill on the south edge of Bon Echo Provincial Park.

The producer had also documented, on YouTube, some of the last years of Global's Bancroft-licensed channel 2 transmitter at Vennachar, not far from Bon Echo; that signal was one of Global's "original six" transmitters from 1974, and it signed off around this time last year. A Facebook post shows that the Bancroft transmitter itself was the same model, an RCA TT-25FL, from start to end, but with some Larcan components installed in the late '80s to enable stereo audio transmission on channel 2.

SOWNY » Toronto Radio Station Without News Getting Blocked By Facebook Ban » August 16, 2023 5:35 am

Tomas Barlow wrote:

Conservative political commentary on a message board that isn't about politics.  Thank you for this rare treasure.  You just can't get this level of insight anywhere else.

Agreed. I'm considering never visiting the big yellow board again if threads continue to morph into political B.S. like this. I recently dumped Twitter and Reddit for this same reason, and I shouldn't have to do the same for SOWNY.

SOWNY » Greatest Sports Broadcasting Calls Of All-Time » August 10, 2023 6:48 am

On Vin Scully's call of Gibson's homer - "high fly ball into right field, she is GONE!"

Some other favourites of mine are Cheek's "Touch 'em all, Joe!", Chris Cuthbert on Sid's "Golden Goal", Rick Jeanneret's "May Day! May Day!", and Joe Bowen's "DOWN GOES BROWN!"

Talking about RJ, a CD was released years ago with some of his most famous calls, and the whole thing is on YouTube:

SOWNY » Competition Bureau Asked To Investigate Meta Blocking News in Canada » August 9, 2023 7:36 am

unclefester wrote:

Generalissimo Trudeau

That's exactly what that snivelling Liberal commie piece of horse crap is. He and his party immediately lost my vote when he rammed C-11 through Parliament.

SOWNY » The Origins Of Simsub On Canadian Cable » August 7, 2023 7:59 pm

mace wrote:

Canadian stations get simsubbed as well. In Toronto, for most of the broadcast day the CKCO signal is replaced by CFTO.

During my college years in Belleville, Kingston's CKWS and Peterborough's CHEX were both on the local Cogeco system, and 'WS would show up on both channels, except during local newscasts and any other non-simultaneous programming, such as TV Bingo.

SOWNY » Licence plates matching call letters » August 6, 2023 8:33 pm

In the Ottawa Valley, a CJET plate will come along every so often, far from Smiths Falls, but haven't seen a CJET 630 plate. Any CJET alumni on Big Yella?

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