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December 13, 2017 8:38 am  #1

How CHUM Got Elvis’ Help & The Surprising Hire They Never Made

These are by no means current – both are from 2015 – but if you haven’t seem them, they’re like new. And they’re completely fascinating. Both are reprinted from other sources but I found them on
The first is from the great Warren Cosford, who tells the story of how an attempt to blunt a move by then rival CKFH led years down the road to Elvis Presley helping CHUM beat an American rival to the punch.

CHUM, Toronto: The Beatles and Elvis

The second article is from the legendary J. Robert Wood, who is sometimes spoken of in hushed tones of awe by former CHUM employees. He relates the story of how Jackson Armstrong came – and went – from the nifty 1050, the contest that shut down the phone system all the way into the U.S., and how they almost hired a certain American radio legend who currently makes multi-millions on Sirius XM – and why in the end, they decided he wasn’t right for the station.

J. Robert Wood: 'I Remember CHUM'

 If you were a fan of CHUM or radio history in general and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff you never knew about, I highly recommend them both.